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WIC International Outreach
Sarah M. Quincy, Executive Volunteer Coordinator - See Profile below
Sacha Vignault - Marketing and Research: Fair Trade, independent gainful employment, business models that work for women internationally Website
Donna Miano, Executive Outreach Coordinator Website
Sebastien Torre - International Alliance Coordinator Website
Brooke Sarkaria - Communications Coordinator
Dr. Saila Pasupuleti - Healing Counseling San Diego
Leane Taylor - Social Media Coordinator Website
Blake Hixson - Website Design Support Website
Anne Randerson - Intercultural Advisor Website
Vanity Ledesma - Research and Article Creation

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*Sadly, deceased

Intern Profile: Sacha Vignault

Sacha VignaultComing to us from the Université de La Rochelle in France and SUNY Cortland, Sacha Vignault is an international relations student who has recently spent time studying in Spain and New York. Motivated by a desire to support the goals of the Women's International Center as well as to improve her own language skills, she was awarded an internship with the Women's International Center with which she has spent the last year of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Languages 2012-2013.

Her skills include accounting, economics, management, and research and she speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Her knowledge of the world is vast given her travels internationally to destinations including Canada, Guadeloupe, Egypt, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, and many states in the US. She has work experience with the BB Confiserie in La Palymre, France, as well as with Les Jardins de St. Laurent Hotel & Restaurant, in Parthenay, France and with Bionic Sisters Productions in California, USA. Whether she works independently on projects or on a multi-tasking team, Sacha is dedicated, goal-oriented and organized.

During her internship with the Women's International Center, she helped consolidate our data base, expanded our international outreach, regularly maintained our social networks with carefully researched posts about subjects of international interest, published various articles about Fair Trade and practical business models for women in third world countries. She provided valuable assistance to our Spotlight on Women Speaker Series planning and event execution, augmented our iTOES Network (Instructional Tools for Online Education), participated in a Social Networking and Best Email Practices educational seminar, and supported the Women's International Center publicly at events including the Southern California Motion Picture Council and the Women's Conference. We are grateful to the San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce and to the European American Enterprise Council for assisting us with international internships. We express our sincere thanks to Ms. Vignault for her far-reaching assistance this year.

If you are interested in interning for the Women’s International Center, please contact team[@]

Profile: Sarah M. Quincy

Sarah M. QuincyMotivated by her strong support of the Women’s International Center’s mission to ‘acknowledge, honor, encourage and educate women’, Sarah has served as Executive Volunteer Coordinator for the Women’s International Center.

Sarah currently works as an Administrative Assistant for ProTec Building Services in the Facilities Maintenance Department. She focuses on logistical coordination for building engineers at over twenty-five downtown condominiums. In winter 2010, Sarah was appointed San Diego Repair California Director. She opened the San Diego Campaign Office, directed, recruited and trained employees for a statewide budget reform campaign. In fall 2009, when Sarah returned to San Diego with her Masters in International Human Rights from the London School of Economics, she worked as a Contract Law Clerk for Attorney Binh Bui at the American International Practice Group in San Diego. She researched legal regulations and composed and presented legal business-oriented guidelines to clients.

Immediately following her Masters in London in 2007, Sarah interned at Human Rights Watch in Geneva. She contributed by reporting, analyzing and composing reports about United Nations Human Rights Council member states’ policy changes during United Nations Human Rights Council sessions. Passionate about reporting and improving human rights, Sarah also interned at the International Federation of Human Right in Paris in 2007. Surrounded by French colleagues, she investigated, composed and presented reports about Sudanese and Chinese human rights policies in French and English. In preparation for her Masters degree, in 2005-2006, Sarah worked in Washington D.C. as Research Assistant for a diplomatic columnist. Sarah conducted in-person interviews with foreign ambassadors and state officials. She also contributed to writing and editing ambassador profile articles for The Washington Post, The Washington Diplomat and The Washington Life. Shortly after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and French Literature from U.C. Santa Barbara in 2003, Sarah worked as an Administrative Assistant for Campaign Media Analysis Group. There, she collected and tracked political advertisement data from televised and printed political advertisements.

During her time with the Women's International Center, Sarah expertly coordinated multiple volunteer applications, spoke publicly about the Women's International Center to a group at Rotary International, and provided vital assitance with the launch of the Spotlight on Women Speaker Series. In addition, she has been a key organizer of the Living Legacy Awards ceremony providing crucial support at the event at Registration and with the Silent Auction. We are very grateful to Ms. Quincy for her time with the Women's International Center.