Bridget Brigitte McDonald Ph.D.


Bridget Brigitte McDonald, Ph.D.

Award-winning Composer, Writer, Women's and Sustainability Advocacy

Bridget Brigitte McDonald, Ph.D., is an award-winning composer, writer, and sustainability advocate who is currently Executive Director and President of the Women's International Center and runs her own record label and online marketing company Bionic Sisters Productions. With a symphony-composer-grandmother and a radio-technology-pioneer-grandfather, she was destined for music, writing, and non-profit advocacy. With a world-renowned-author/educator mother and attorney father, it is no surprise that Bridget received a BA from UC Berkeley (Chinese History & Comparative Literature English/French/German) and MA (French) and Ph.D. (Comparative Humanities) from Johns Hopkins University. She has written 2 novels, a translation of French philosophy (Stanford), and has poems in journals across the country. She has taught at the University of Orléans, France, and returned to California with her husband Jean-Pierre, a graphic and website designer, online marketing specialist, and manager who also has a diploma in gourmet cooking. Proud parents of adopted animals including tortoises, turtles, fish, cats, and a dog, they live in a drug and alcohol-free home.

After wrestling with health issues in the year 2000 (which taught her to put her health first and be grateful always), Bridget released her CD Where Birds Meet in the Rain (recorded by engineers for Jewel and Blink 182), since played on radio stations internationally. After performing in France, Ireland, Canada, and on television many times, she witnessed her Bridget Brigitte Special air on TV. She has featured more than 200 performers in her signature shows at Humphrey’s and Anthology, with line-ups always including an even mix of women and men. She is on the Advisory Board of the Asian American Repertory Theatre and San Diego Songwriter's Guild, is a Producing Member of the Pacific Arts Movement, is an International Rotarian, and her music has helped raise funds for such organizations as The Grammy’s MusiCares, GoGirlsMusic, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Vietnamese American Women Artists, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Artivist Independent Film Collective, and Artists Helping Artists, among others.

In 2010, she spent the greater part of the year assisting with emergency communications support for post-earthquake Haiti in conjunction with the 2 Life 18 Foundation (renamed Coalition of Hope) that she worked with since 2006 delivering medicine, medical supplies, food, and water to areas in need. Bridget and Jean-Pierre share their online marketing skills with various non-profits including the Women's International Center whose online network provides links to educational tools and resources for women. Bridget is honored to have been working closely with Women's International Center for over a decade Honoring and Educating Women Around the World since 1986. She has received a Heritage Award from the American Ireland Fund and was honored in 2012 by the San Diego Business Journal as a finalist in their Women Who Mean Business Awards and in 2013 received a Golden Halo Award from the prestigious Southern California Motion Picture Council..

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Special thanks to inspirations Dr. Marianne McDonald, design guru Claudia DaMetz, and luminary Gloria Lane who has done so much to encourage others and who, herself, remains a revolutionary force of nature.

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