Luawanna Hallstrom
Western Vice President
Harry Singh & Sons
Oceanside, CA

Luawanna Hallstrom is Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Harry Singh & Sons and Business Manager for Oceanside Produce Inc. She oversees various business and marketing aspects of both companies. Currently the California Tomato Commission indicates that Harry Singh & Sons is the largest single vine-ripe tomato producer in the nation. Beyond her role at Harry Singh & Sons, Ms. Hallstrom promotes economic and social development through her efforts in representing agriculture both state wide and nationally. She continues to focus on Agriculture’s contribution to issues of education, environment, health, human rights, international goodwill and understanding.


Ms. Hallstrom’s work includes supporting legislation that promotes sustaining agriculture, immigration reform, food safety and a secure domestic food supply for our nation. For two decades her long time commitment to immigration reform has been targeted to sustain our country’s agriculture industry so that it remains economically viable, work toward social reform and help to create secure borders. In addition to her work with NCAE, Ms. Hallstrom is also co-chair of the Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform, American Farm Bureau Labor Committee co-chair, and an appointee through Governor Schwarzenegger to the California Board of Food and Agriculture.