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Acknowledging, honoring, encouraging and educating women
A non-profit education and service foundation, established 1982
by Gloria Lane

The 2006 Awards was dedicated to the victims, survivors
and heroes of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
A portion of the event’s proceeds was donated to
the 2life18.org and friendsofthepoor.us

The 23rd annual Awards

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The 2006 Living Legacy Awards was held on May 20. The annual gala honoring women and their positive contributions was held at the beautiful Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice located on the USD campus.

In keeping with our 2006 goal, the Awards celebrated women of Latin Heritage; in particular, we honored the memory and contributions of legendary Mexican artist FRIDA KAHLO.

The Living Legacy Awards are always an exciting multi-media and musical experience; this year promises to inspire, entertain and bring big smiles-and a few tears-to everyone. We had a brilliantly colorful fiesta with authentic Latin cuisine and entertainers from Mexico and Brazil.

The night was filled with inspirational stories from magnificent Honorees; music and dance quickened the pulse and filled our hearts with Hispanic joy. Carol Hasson and Jeanne Beach Eigner were the evening’s MCs. Music provided by The Benny Hollman Orchestra, Brazilian vocalist Marta Santos and the SUHSD Montogomery Middle School Mariachis. Auction items were provided by Tiffany & Co.

Living Legacy Awards 2006 - Slide Shows


Dinner and Awards

Award Honorees 2006

Video Multimedia Presentation


Sally B. Thornton
Bridget Brigitte McDonald Ph. D.

Co-Chaired the
Living Legacy Awards.


LYNDA CARTER, Carter appeared in two of last summers hit motion pictures, Warner Bros. "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "Sky High" for Disney. She also starred in "Bloodhead" directed by Christopher Coppola, and appears in the comedy film, "Super Troopers". She was also a featured performer in "Lightning in a Bottle" and "Terror Peak" for PAX television, and "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw." Website

Rear Admiral RONNE FROMAN [USN Ret.] who commanded the 11th Naval District and Navy Mayor of San Diego; she is fondly remembered for securing affordable housing for thousands of military families. After retirement, she held leadership positions with the San Diego Unified School District and the American Red Cross and was Interim San Diego Mayor. Currently, Froman is Chief of Staff to San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders.
San Diego City Website

is from New Zealand and is an internationally-known motivational speaker and coach to women and non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. She is a theatre columnist, on-air television personality and founder of Prisk Communications and her equally successful non-profit organization Voices of Women, which promotes global peace and justice. www.prisk.com

We will sing the praises of award winning singer-songwriter, music producer and dedicated women’s rights advocate BRIDGET BRIGITTE McDONALD, Ph.D. Bridget has performed throughout Europe as well as the United States. She is President of Bionic Sisters Productions, VP of the Asian American Repertory Theater, has taught literature at the Université d’Orléans, and has produced musical events featuring hundreds of performers. Mostly, she motivates others to become involved citizens. www.bridgetmusic.com

is an actress, Emmy winning on-air television anchor, KPBS producer for fundraising, an adjunct professor at SDSU College of Arts and Letters, celebrated writer and a faithful friend to WIC. Her latest award-winning book is Kafka’s Last Love-The Mystery of Dora Diamant and she is also director of the Kafka Project, the international search for Franz Kafka's missing papers. She is an inspiration to all. Her page at KPBS

YOLANDA WALTHER-MEADE is an active philanthropist and community catalyst in both the San Diego and Tijuana communities. She sits on many boards. Because of her extensive civic involvement, Ms. Walther-Meade's efforts have been recognized by many organizations and civic groups.


is indeed a hero in so many ways of her life. Since 1998, this quiet individual has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and unconditional giving to improving the lives of thousands of African women and children. As she travels to Africa, she continually gives the people of Nigeria new meaning and hope for the future. In four years she has built an orphanage, a school, pig farms, a cathedral and most importantly, self-esteem. Her next trip to Nigeria will be to plan for a girls boarding school and an HIV hospice center.
For 20 years, Jean worked side by side with Sister Antonia Brenner ministering to the inmates of the La Mesa Federal Penitentiary in Tijuana, Mexico. Together they initiated medical programs for the prisoners with TB and HIV. In 1982, along with Dr. Anita Figueredo, Jean co-founded the organization Friends of the Poor. Among her many duties, Jean was the declared link from southern California to the Missionaries of Charity for the last 9 years of Mother Teresa's life.
Mother Teresa, Sister Antonia and Dr. Figueredo have accepted the Living Legacy Award in past years. Now, Women's International Center has the honor to welcome another hero, JEAN COLARUSSO. http://www.friendsofthepoor.us/


We have the privilege of presenting the Women’s International GOOD SAMARITAN Award to international businessman DAVID PEREZ. He opened his humanitarian heart to fly dozens of Hurricane Katrina survivors to San Diego to safety and security. Since these families arrived, David Perez continues to be personally dedicated to finding or providing them housing and employment. We hope some of these families will join us to honor David Perez. http://www.2life18.org


The first WIC Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to an extraordinary WIC benefactor and supporter, ROBERT W. RECTOR, Ph.D. Robert and his wife of sixty-two years, MARGARET HAYDEN RECTOR, were Women’s International Center’s charter members and generous financial supporters for over twenty years. Margaret passed several years ago; her loving spirit will forever be with us. Robert, now in his 90th year, was a highly respected math and engineering professor at UCLA for many years. He is a retired Captain of the U.S. Navy Reserves and a benefactor to many other charities. He and Margaret raised three very successful, children-Cleone, Robin and Bruce. They all have touched and enhanced the lives of many, especially WIC founder, Gloria Lane.


This award and special acknowledgement will be presented to Basque-Mexican-born graphic designer, disability educator and activist CLAUDIA DaMETZ. Claudia is the dedicated Webmistress for Women’s International Center [www.wic.org] and also generously volunteers her vast artistic expertise to furthering our mission to honor women and excellence. www.dametzdesign.com

List of all former
Living Legacy Award Honorees




2006 Special Thanks &
Muchas Gracias Amigos de WIC

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
University of San Diego
Sally B. And John M. Thornton Foundation
Thornton Winery
Marianne McDonald, Ph.D., MRIA
Manchester Life Foundation
City of San Diego
Sandra Laird, Confidential Assistant to Ronne Froman
2 Life 18 Katrina Relief
Friends of the Poor
Jayne Meadows
Ellen Revelle
Audrey Geisel
Dr. Seuss Foundation
Cecelia Artigas Brito and Juan Carlos Brito
Las Manos del Artesano
Tiffany & Co.
Marla Slattery
Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante
Ambassador Jeffey Davidow
Carol Hasson
Jeanne Beach Eigner
Marcie Cecil
Martín Magaña
Tessa Meiser
Holly Cohen
The Rosarians
Roberta Soloman
Claudia DaMetz
Veronica DaMetz
DaMetz Design Family
Jean-Pierre Prieur Videography
Bridget Brigitte McDonald, Ph.D.
Bionic Sisters Productions
Ken Druck
Jenna Druck Foundation
Frida Kahlo Theater
Minerva Garcia
Benny Holmann Orchestra
Marta Santos
SUHSD - Montgomery Middle School Mariachi
Yolanda S. Walther Meade
Erica Duque
Karla Rodrigues
Azieb Ghebrewold
Melissa Olivera
June and Neil Ash
Doris A. Howell, M.D.
Zona and Jerry Bly
Sarah Ghebrehiwet
Martha Longenecker
Andrea Ross-Greene (LA Women in Music)



Gloria J. Lane, Founder, President
Robert W. Rector, Ph.D., Acting Secretary-Treasurer
Jehan Sadat, Ph.D., WIC Honorary President
Patricia Neal, Living Legacy Awards Honorary President
Sally B. Thornton, Honorary Board President
Marianne McDonald, Ph.D
., President International Living Legacy Awards
Claudia DaMetz, Webmistress

Jayne Meadows Allen, June Barrymore Ash, Jerry and Zona Bly, Marcie McGahey Cecil, Maren Chapla, Elizabeth Barrett-Conner, M..D, Michael E. DeBakey, M.D., Nanette Fabray, Anita Figuredo, M.D., Rhonda Fleming, Richard Goldman, Doris A. Howell, M.D., Robin Rector Krupp, Bridget Brigitte McDonald, Ph.D., Jim Nabors, Patti Page, Jenni Prisk, Mary Vaughn, Jane Wyatt

Frida Kahlo

Lynda Carter

aka Wonder Woman

Jean Colarusso

Kathi Diamant

Ronne Froman

Bridget Brigitte McDonald PhD

Yolanda Walther-Meade

Jeni Prisk

Jenni Prisk

Orly & David Perez

Robert Rector Ph D

Claudia DaMetz

Claudia DaMetz



The purpose of the Living Legacy Awards is to acknowledge individual excellence and meaningful contribution to humanity. As important as public recognition of greatness is, it is more important that others benefit and learn from the positive gifts of the Living Legacy Award recipients. It is the ultimate purpose of the presentation to encourage others to reach their highest potential, develop it, contribute excellence to others and in turn teach others the importance of this educational cycle.

The annual celebration of women is Women’s International Center’s major fundraiser in support of our Education and Sistership Funds, our Women for Africa program and our International Outreach programs, via the internet.

Since 1983, the Living Legacy Award has been presented to nearly two hundred extraordinary individuals who know and enjoy giving back to humanity. The list reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of excellence. We have acknowledged presidents, prime ministers, first ladies, scientists, artists, writers, musicians and actresses, religious, military and government leaders, educators and aviators and ‘professional grandmothers.’ We honor excellence and contribution no matter where it is found. *A complete Living Legacy Award list can be viewed at the end of this announcement.

On our site you can find each recipient’s biography, photo, and when available, a link to their web site where more current and complete information can be found.

Women’s International Center’s award winning web site has many educational areas including the ‘Women’s Suffrage Movement in America’; the ‘History of Women Through Art’ featuring the paintings of famed artist Joanne Batiste; as well as a long list and direct internet link to information and support groups around the world.

More, www.wic.org is used as an information source by many international educators, universities, schools and organizations. We are delighted that our web site helps to inform, educate and inspire.

We are proud of our past and eager to open many more doors for women, everywhere.


Information and early reservations
contact Gloria Lane 619/295-6446


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