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Women's International Center:

A Brief History and A Look To Tomorrow

Since October, 1982, Women's International Center, has demanded excellence of itself, and since 1983 has publicly honored excellence in others.

On October 6, 1982, at her fiftieth birthday celebration, Gloria Lane, received a telephone call from her physician. He told her she was 'officially' diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. With destiny staring her in the face on that fateful night, Gloria made a critical decision. She could give in to her illness, or she could make it work for her. Obviously, she chose vision over the victim mentality. On that day, Women's International Center was founded.

The motto of the concept was and is "Education Through Communication". The mission remains steadfast, "Acknowledging, Honoring, Encouraging and Educating Women".

Contacting her already established power base (Gloria was a college teacher and an often booked speaker on the San Diego women's organization meetings circuit, and had been an entertainment agent and publisher), she shared the power of her dream, and many rapidly became active advocates.

In less than three months Women's International Center acquired its [501 c 3] nonprofit status, secured an office with a volunteer and paid staff, developed a women's library and a small art gallery, which quickly allowed courses, seminars and workshops to begin and flourish. Many of San Diego's social and community leaders soon became members, enthusiastic volunteers and generous financial supporters. The message, the mission and the power base rapidly grew. It continues.

By October, 1983, it was determined to establish an award to further fulfill WIC's stated purpose: "acknowledging, honoring, encouraging and educating women". Thus, in honor of International Woman's Day, the first annual Living Legacy Awards Presentations took place on March 8, 1984, at the historic Hotel del Coronado. From that glorious beginning to this day, over one hundred of the world's exceptional contributors and humanitarians, from presidents to movie stars to scientists to athletes to business, political and military leaders and people from all walks of life have accepted the Living Legacy Award. Thousands of dollars of scholarships have been given to mature women who also want to grow.

Today, Women's International Center reaches thousands, perhaps millions, through the global network on the Internet. WIC went 'on-line' in May, 1995, and we are already linked to scores of other on-line women's groups, worldwide.

In early 1996, we will begin Women's International Center's Global Townhall on the Internet which will open its windows on the Web, offering interactive meetings with the world's most informed and powerful women.

WIC will continue to grow. The Living Legacy Awards will bring more legacies together from all lands. More women will be educated and empowered. The Center will be built.