Margaret Hayden Rector and Robert W. Rector, Ph.D.

When Margaret and Robert Rector were told about the founding of Women's International Center in 1982, they pledged their friendship and continuing support. Individually and together, Margaret and Robert have brilliantly fulfilled their original promise.

Over the years, the Rectors have hosted several pre-Living Legacy parties at their mountain top home in Bel Aire, California; they have often been the opening act for Living Legacy Awards ceremonies, always dressed in memorable garb. (For the 1995 ceremonies they are dressed in the America's Cup society clothes of the late 1850's.)

Robert Rector serves as Associate Treasurer on Women's International Center's Board of Directors. Margaret is an Associate Board member and has served as an Honorary Committee member for three years. However, Margaret and Robert volunteer every day to WIC and the Living Legacy Awards.

Volumes could be written on the talent, uniqueness and loyalty of two of the best friends WIC has ever known, Margaret Hayden Rector and Robert W. Rector. We proudly and lovingly acknowledge them as Volunteers of the Decade at the 1995 Living Legacy Awards.

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