Gloria Welcomes You –

For twenty-two years Women’s International Center has presented the Living Legacy Awards - that’s a long time. There are twenty-two thousand beautiful memories and warm moments which bring gentle smiles and a sense of satisfaction. Oh, we have known the great, the legendary, the inspirational, the delightful, the memorable and the educational. Mostly, we have had the joy to celebrate excellence, contribution, and the sharing of knowledge.
The mission of the Living Legacy Awards is to acknowledge and honor the extraordinary women of the world who constantly make all our lives richer and more beautiful. Furthering the mission, we are inspiring and encouraging others to attain greater heights and a sense of social and civic responsibility. Finally, we must zealously tend the garden of learning.

Women’s International Center is passionately devoted to education; more, we are insistent on learning, understanding, assimilating, and, most importantly, teaching others to become knowledgeable and empowered. For more than twenty years WIC has provided many thousands of dollars in the form of scholarships, Sisterships, seminars, lectures, and participation in the educationally inspirational Living Legacy Awards presentations.
Thousands of refugee women have been given a new lease on life learning in America through our very successful Women for Africa program led by Director Amina Essa.
We are now expanding our outreach with a new program: Women of Hispanic Heritage.
Of course, we teach and touch the lives of many thousand women throughout the world on our multi-award winning web site , professionally and loving tended by our extraordinary Webmaster, Claudia DaMetz. She, like so many exceptional volunteers and professionals, has made my life a joy. Claudia is also responsible for all the design and graphics of the 2005 Awards invitations and programs.
In fact, all the volunteers this year are devoted to the continuing success of WIC and the Living Legacy Awards. I thank them all from the depths of my heart. First, I must offer my profound thanks to my ‘Guardian Angels:’ Dr. Marianne McDonald, Sally Thornton, Zona Murray, Bridget Brigitte Ph.D., Jenni Prisk, Amy Malugani, Maren Chapla and, of course, Claudia and Amina. And the ‘band played on’ -thank you.
And my deepest thanks to the magnificent volunteer professional entertainers whose talents are so enjoyed at tonight’s celebration, our applause goes to Harriet Schock, Cynthia Hammond, Bradley Leighton, Lisa Sanders, Bridget Brigitte, and the Benny Hollman Orchestra.
My gratitude goes to all Living Legacy Award recipients for their lasting contributions to humanity and to our always generous and loyal audiences and members.

You are ALL wonderful!

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