Sister Dolores Anchondo, CSJ

Principal of The Academy of Our Lady of Peace
San Diego, California

"The role of any educational administrator is really very simple," wrote Sister Dolores Anchondo when she assumed the position of the 19th principal of The Academy of Our Lady of Peace Academy, "it is to make everyone's job easier."

Those who know Sister Dolores best, however, know her as more than an administrator alone. In her 35 years of dedication to the ministry of education, she has been teacher and counselor, mentor and C.E.O. And, since 1981, she has provided both professional and spiritual guidance at San Diego's oldest secondary school, twice recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a national blue ribbon school of excellence.

At one time there were three all girl high schools in San Diego each offering a learning program specifically designed to meet the learning needs and the learning challenges of women. Today there is only one, but the vision has remained clear. "Education opens the doors," believes Sister Dolores, not only for the few years we are formally in school but for the rest of our lives."

As a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ), an order that began its educational ministry to women 350 years ago in France and has continued to do so in San Diego since 1882. Sister Dolores and the faculty of the Academy of Our Lady of Peace have committed themselves to enable their students to learn "all of which a woman is capable." True to the vision, OLP students are recognized not only for their academic achievements, but for their leadership and sense of service as well. Both Mayor Maureen O'Connor and Mayor Susan Golding have honored OLP students for their volunteer contributions to the people of San Diego. For every Academy graduate, community service is as important an element of one's education as the completion of one's academic credits. This past decade alone the hours of community services contributed by OLP students has numbered well over a quarter of a million.

"It doesn't matter whether we are referring to 1882, or 1964 or 1999, it is the goal of all of us at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace to give all our young women every opportunity possible to learn, to lead and to make a positive difference in their families, their communities, their churches, and their world."

Women's International Center proudly presents the Living Legacy Award 2000 to Sister Dolores Anchondo, CSJ. We are equally honored to acknowledge the exceptional faculty, staff and students at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace.

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