Rachel Robinson

She Cares and Shares

Today, Rachel Robinson is the chairperson of the Jackie Robinson Development Corporation, which provides housing for over 1,300 low to moderate income families in New York. She has been continuing this mission of mercy for many years in the name of her husband, the great baseball superstar, Jackie Robinson.

Caring for others is a lifelong dedication as witnessed by her professions as a nurse and teacher. She was a psychiatric nurse at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, The Director of Nursing at Connecticut Mental Health Center, and Associate and an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychiatry at Yale School of Nursing.

All her life, Rachel Robinson has been an achiever. Some of the awards which have acknowledged her many significant contributions are the Florence Nightingale Award, the Distinguished Humanitarian Award, and Equitable Life's Black Achievers Award. She has also received Honorary Degrees from St. john's College, as well as Springfield and McAllister Colleges.

Though very actively involved with her work, Rachel Robinson spends enormous time and effort in the promotion of civil and human rights in the United States and around the world. Her commitment to human freedom is a signal for us all to follow.

Mrs. Robinson is an active participant in the works of others, including the Phelps-Stokes Foundation, the New York Historical Society and the American Society for Training and Development.

Her outspoken commitments are dedicated to the growth of human spirit and freedom to be the best one can be. Every day, Rachel Robinson brings more people closer to this reality.








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