Major General Raymond L. Murray

Major General Raymond L. Murray

Major General Raymond Murray was not only an officer, a legendary hero, but a kind and gentle human being. He was active in his community, a father, a devoted husband and someone you would like for your best friend. He loved people and would always ask about your well being. It was his humility and never using his position to his advantage that endeared him to everyone.

He would never talk about being a war hero but there was never a doubt that he had been in charge. He was a beloved but feared battalion commander, straight forward, courageous, and will always be remembered in the hearts of men when his leadership saved thousands of lives at the Chosin Reservoir. He would speak about his family and how he missed being away from them or his golf score. He recently won the All Star Tournament, a tournament played each year with a group of retired Generals. He was quick to say that it was with a handicap.

He was one of the most decorated Marines in history, but his military record is only a small part of the man everyone came to know as a hero. What they remember is his integrity, honesty and humility. That alone will make him a model for all ages. We wont soon see his likes again.

Major General Murray died on Veterans Day, November 11, 2004. The community of Oceanside had honored him on January 30, 2003 by naming a bridge the "Murray Bridge" crossing the San Lius Rey River and an illuminated flagpole at the same location was installed January 31, 2005 in memory of their hero.

In February 2005, the Vista School District voted 140 million dollars towards two new schools. One to be named for President Reagon and the other for their Hero of the Chosin Reservoir, Major General Raymond Murray.

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