Princess Yasmin Aga Khan

Bringing the World Intelligent Awareness

When her mother, Rita Hayworth, died as a result of Alzheimer's Disease, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan could have chosen to lead her life out of the public eye. She chose, instead, to use her name and position to help fight this most misunderstood and fatal disease.

Yasmin Aga Khan is a moving, viable force in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders. Her yearly celebrity gala is the most successful fund raising event for the disease research. Her untiring devotion to the cause keeps Alzheimer's Disease research moving forward. She knows that someday a cure will become a reality.

The Princess has established a world wide network to coordinate Alzheimer's Disease research. She has brought together this global connection by her many published interviews and by making scores of public appearances. By making the public more aware and giving all of us more information about Alzheimer's Disease, Yasmin Aga Khan has reached scientific and monetary sources which might otherwise have been left untouched.

Dedicated to seeking all avenues to find the cure for Alzheimer's Disease, Yasmin Aga Khan serves on the Board of Directors, as Vice Chairman, of the Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Association. She also serves on the Nomination, Development and Public Policies and Issues Committees, as well as the Executive Committee. She is also President of Alzheimer's Disease International, a National Council Member of the Salk Institute, and a spokesperson for the Boston University School of Medicine, Board of Visitors.

Knowing that awareness brings action, which brings commitment, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan works tirelessly to help find the cure for Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders.

Women's International Center proudly honors the loving legacy left to the world by Yasmin Aga Khan, an incomparable woman. She is her mother's daughter.

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