Maria da Lourdes-Pintasilgo

Greatness Through Power


Portugal's first woman Prime Minister, Maria Pintasilgo, has also held the posts of Minister of Social Affairs, State Secretary for Social Security, and Minister of Social Affairs.

As Ambassador to UNESCO, she was a member of the Executive Council as well as a member of the Portuguese Delegation to the UN General Assembly. Her extensive work for Portuguese women as a member of the International Movement, "The Graal," and with the Women's Liaison Group between Women's Catholic Church and Ecumenical Council of Churches, has had enormous impact.

She was also President of the Interministerial Commission dealing with the condition of the status of women.

An industrial engineer, Senhora Pintasilgo held a key research post with the National Nuclear Energy Commission.

As an author, her works, The New Feminism-m, To Think the Church Anew and Roads for Our Joint Effort are widely read.

Maria Pintasilgo ran for the Presidency of Portugal, winning the primary election and showing the depth of her popularity among the Portuguese people.

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