Mary Vaughn

Mary Vaughn has been a business owner for over 40 years, and now operates an intermediate care facility in Golden Hill, providing security, spiritual uplifting, and motivation for senior citizens. It is rare to find a heart so full and a person so genuinely committed to the betterment of others, but the difference in Mary is that her involvement in any organization is wholehearted. She not only contributes financially, but she is active in the decision making and actual work involved in making a difference.

She has received many awards, and when honored by the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club, Mary was asked about her aims and objectives. Her response: "To bring about the spirit of cooperation among business and professional women, to extend opportunities through education, and elevate standards for women in business. This is what Mary Vaughn is all about...helping, supporting, and encouraging.

Women's International Center is proud to present the 1992 Volunteer of the Year Award to our own Mary Vaughn. She is a woman of extraordinary dedication, compassion, commitment, and faith. She gives of her time and resources with sincere and heartfelt generosity. All those whose lives she touches are better for it. We are truly thankful she has touched ours.

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