Margaret Mead

Tribute To Greatness

"To Cherish the Life of the World... "
Margaret Mead

World renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead (1901 to 1978) contributed vastly to the understanding of human history. Her work has, and will continue to impact the daily lives of people around the world. Her 44 books and more than 1,000 articles have been translated into virtually all languages. Her data has been carefully catalogued and preserved.

She was the first anthropologist to study child-rearing practices. Her work on learning theory and "Learning Through Imprinting," a method by which children learn, is currently being studied further.

One of the founders of the "Culture and Personality School of Anthropology", she was the first to conduct psychologically-oriented field work. She was instrumental in forging interdisciplinary links between anthropology and other fields.

Her writings and lectures covered a vast array of important topics, what she called "Unmapped Country". She wrote on subjects ranging from mental and spiritual health to ethics and overpopulation.

A strong proponent of family, she believed that "Children are our vehicles for survival-for in them there is hope, and through them what has been, and what will be will not only be perpetrated, but also united." Margaret Mead made history by shining a light of understanding on the course of human history.

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