Mavourneen O'Brien

Educator, Performer, Volunteer/Fund Raiser
National and San Diego Chapter Multiple Sclerosis Society

Mavourneen O'Brien is the daughter of the late actor Pat O'Brien and Eloise. She crowns the winner annually at the Del Mar RaceTrack, which her father helped build for the Pat O'Brien Handicap. Betting horses remains one of O'Brien's hobbies along with climbing the Timpanogas Caves, Utah and Diamond Head. Hawaii; singing, creating and directing musical programs; and exploring cave painting sites, playing with whales, scuba diving and beach combing in Baja.

O'Brien has devoted her life to endeavors that enrich the lives of others through education, performing arts, writing, mentoring, and her volunteer work with social and health organizations such as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

As a teacher of language arts for over 35 years, O'Brien has passed on her passion for communicating through language and the arts that extends to her work today. She is now an active volunteer member of the Flying Samaritans and a volunteer English teacher.

Mavourneen graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marymount College with a B.S. in music and an M.A. in Education from Loyola University. She holds a General Life Secondary Credential, Library Science Credential-CSLA.

She ran a working ranch for many years while teaching, directing, and singing (Mavourneen was a member of the Roger Wagner Chorale and sang in the Town Hall, Carnegie Hall (NY.)

Her work with the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society has resulted in more funding for San Diego based programs, research, and a better understanding of the central nervous system disease that she was herself diagnosed with several years ago. O'Brien is a top fundraiser for the San Diego Area Chapter of the National MS Society.

Mavourneen currently resides near Rosarito, Mexico, where she is Director-Diamond Chorale of Rosarito Theatre Guild for six years and in her 'spare' time she is an active volunteer for many humanitarian groups.

She has three grown children and five grandchildren, who can often be seen trying keep up with their grandmother on local beaches. Women's International Center proudly honors Mavourneen O'Brien with the Living Legacy Award 2000. She is leaving her legacy in many ways to many people.

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