Mimi Silbert, Ph.D.

Delancy Street Dynamo

Her Recipe for success:

· Take four drug addicts.
· Gently blend one cup of Compassion with two cups of Strict Discipline.
· Fold in six tablespoons of Vision.
Add a generous dash of Responsibility.
· Mix with three Valuable Skills and three tightly packed cups of Personal Accountability.
· Stir all ingredients vigorously, slowly adding Milk of Human Kindness, until the mixture is thoroughly blended.
· Bake at 300 degrees for four years, or until done to the touch.
· Generously ice with one "Red Hot" Mimi Silbert.
· Share this delicious Delancy Street Staff of Life with several thousand hungry people and watch them grow strong.
The Delancy Street Foundation, founded and directed by Master Chef Mimi Silbert, is the world's most successful rehabilitation program for drug addicts and criminals.

Delancy Street is based on the principles of complete accountability, mastery of life and career skill, empowering everyone to learn, earn and lead. The rules are simple and strict.

The environment is like a large extended family and functions like one as well, with support, encouragement and love. Each resident learns three marketable skills, earns a high school equivalency, and participates in the "family" structure, helping other residents to master life's skills.

Mimi Silbert and her "student/teachers" daily prove that 'losers' can be winners when personal respect and knowledge are carefully blended and tended.

Mimi refused government grants from the beginning..."it encourages dependency. "

She is the consummate entrepreneur, teaching and proving that monetary and personal success is good for everyone.

Currently, the Delancy Street Foundation's enterprises, built and run by its 2000+ members, at four nationwide facilities, net over $6 million annually.

The latest facility at the Embarcadero, in San Francisco, is assessed at $300 million. This showplace for success was built by Delancy Street residents for half that amount.

Mimi is an inexhaustible dynamo who does what she does out of love, commitment and belief in the value of humanity. Her Living Legacy is reborn everyday. What a woman!







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