Grace Mitchell

She Cares About The Future of Children

In educational circles, Grace Mitchell, Ph.D., is a true innovator. She began and implemented her dream, "Quality Day Care at all Economic Levels," in 1933. At 79, Grace Mitchell is still reaching out to teach teachers how to teach children. That all children deserve the best, most loving education possible is the backbone of Grace Mitchell's philosophy of education.

In developing her dream, Dr. Mitchell has opened over forty day care centers, each run by her philosophy of ensuring a personal and family-like atmosphere. She has served over 5,000 families in New England by training her directors to reflect her philosophies of child education.

Since her early days in child care, Dr. Mitchell has expanded her centers into living and learning centers, in 1980, she merged with Kinder-Care. Her newest expansion is Child Care Management, Inc.

The President of Fitchburg State College said of Grace Mitchell when she received the Distinguished Alumni Award in 1983, "She has accomplished more after 60 than most people do before. Her lifelong dedication to the important task of raising children is a true contribution." Today she is still reaching out with her committed involvement with Huntress House, a homeless women's shelter.

Grace Mitchell received her Bachelors Degree in education in 1954 from Tufts, her Masters in education in 1962 from Harvard and her Ph.D. in leadership and education in 1978 from Union Graduate School in Ohio. She never stops learning or teaching.

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