Gloria McMillan

Gloria McMillan is looking toward the stars for future. She was California's finalist for Teacher in Space. Her heart and energies are dedicated to the future of space travel and exploration.

She is currently directing her personal mission into organizing and directing teleconferences between astronauts and students in their classrooms, over the United States and the U.S.S.R.

No stranger to breaking new ground, the innovative Gloria McMillan is responsible for implementing literacy program, "Program English". She has developed curriculum for English as a second language a has, in the interest of international relations and future peace, submitted a proposal for a student exchange program between the United States and the U.S.S.R.

She is currently the editor of Educators Touching Tomorrow Today, the journal of the Challenger Cent for Space Science Education. Gloria also teaches a unique Humanities program to gifted students at Jolla (California) High School. She is highly respected by her students and her peers for her thorough teaching methods and programs.

In addition to these demanding positions, Gloria has earned a Juris Doctorate degree and has passed the Bar on her first attempt. She chooses not to practice law, but to put her knowledge to use as a student teacher advocate.

Gloria's plans for the future include making greater progress to eradicate illiteracy and to strengthen the bonds that have been established between Soviet and American children, through her programs.

Women's International Center is privileged to thank Gloria McMillan for her loving and knowledgeable dedication to cause her students and others to take quantum leaps into the 21st Century.

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