Linda Smith

A Mother Embracing Nuclear Disarmament

Linda Smith visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., saw the tragedy of war and came home to San Diego to found Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament (MEND). She began the organization with zeal, for she knew that the world must know that nuclear war was the end of human civilization. She knew that we were all responsible to ensure the world for future generations.

She speaks the language of peace, actively working to establish thousands of new chapters of MEND throughout the globe. Her message makes people aware of the crying need for nuclear disarmament and affects them positively for this reality. She works tirelessly for the achievement of her mission. She gives of her time, effort and financial resources to accomplish her dedicated goals.

This commitment led Linda Smith to the Geneva Summit Conference, as part of the 35 member coalition of American peace groups that delivered a message of peace to Soviet Secretary Gorbachev.

Her desire to help the world in many ways is manifest in her community involvement, serving on the Executive Advisory Councils for Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) and The Institute for Person Centered Approaches to Peace. She is the Girls Clubs of San Diego 1987 Woman of the Year.

Peace Activist Women in the US in the 1980’s

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