Le Ly Hayslip

She is Vietnamese and a survivor of the Viet Nam war. She has been the victim of all the horrors of that war, both reported and unreported, for most of her life.

Le Ly Hayslip has every right to be bitter, but she has forgiven her enemies and moved forward to help others rebuild their shattered lives. Le Ly is a woman who is making a difference in the United States and in her homeland.

In 1988, Le Ly Hayslip founded the "East Meets West Foundation", a humanitarian relief organization, which physically and emotionally helps to rebuild lives on both sides of the world.

Her book, "When Heaven and Earth Changed Places", moved award winning filmmaker, Oliver Stone, a Vietnam veteran himself, to fund the building of Mother's Love Clinic for homeless children in Le Ly's village in Da Nang. With the further help from actor-comedian, Robert Kline and Senator John Kerry, money has been raised to build Peace Village, a medical center for children. Oliver Stone will soon be producing a film about the humanity of Le Ly Hayslip.

In her genuine concern to help heal the emotional wounds of many Americans who fought that bloody war in Vietnam, Le Ly, acts as confessor to those who left Vietnam with overwhelming guilt. She strives to bring peace of mind to many brave warriors, who have grieved for too long many at the expense of their jobs, homes and families.

Le Ly encourages many of these former fighters to return to Vietnam to build schools and medical facilities for children, women and the disabled. She knows that positive action, heals old wounds. New buildings are being constructed everyday by returning Americans.

The Brochure for East Meets West says "Working Together to Heal the Wounds of War."

Le Ly's Living Legacy is a blessing on two continents. She is giving children a chance at life in her own country and she is giving our brave and badly treated soldiers their chance for healing. Thank you Le Ly for leading the way.

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