Lillian Kennedy Beam

Woman for All Seasons

Although Lillian Beam describes herself as having four major obstacles-"I'm black, I'm a woman, I'm little and I'm intelligent"-she has not been deterred in her quest for achievement. As initiator and administrator of the annual World Econoculture, an ambitious program to expand world trade and economic relationships through cultural understanding, Dr. Beam has spread her influence across the globe.

Beam, who earned a B.A. from Ohio State in 1947, did not begin her career until her sixth child was three years old. In 1970 she completed her Master's in Education, and in 1975, her Ph.D. in Human Behavior and Psychology at United States International University.

At present, Beam is the president of the Educational Cultural Complex. She plans to retire in March.

Beam's affiliations include the Western Association of Black American Affairs, the National Black Presidents Round Table, and San Diego City Schools' Integration Task Force, the Mexican-American Foundation, and AFRICARE.

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