Eve Curie Labouisse


Eve Curie Labouisse is the daughter of Marie and Pierre Curie, the discoverers of radium and Nobel Prize winners. After her mother died in 1934, Eve Curie researched and wrote the internationally known and best selling book, Madame Curie. She later wrote Journey Among Warriors, a chronicle of her travel to the fronts of World War II.

After the defeat of France in 1940, Eve Curie moved to England and worked for the Allied and Free French causes during the rest of the war. In 1952, she was appointed Special Adviser to the Secretary General of NATO and served on its International Staff until she and Henry R. Labouisse were married in 1954. During Mr. Labouisses' fifteen years as Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund, he and Eve Curie Labouisse traveled to many of the more than 100 developing countries that were receiving UNICEF assistance.

Women's International Center is deeply honored to have present with us to accept the Tribute To Greatness honoring Marie Curie, her esteemed daughter, Eve Curie Labouisse.

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