June Scobee

Continuing the Challenge of Challenger

CHALLENGER CENTER FOR SPACE SCIENCE EDUCATION was founded by a woman of vision and personal commitment, June Scobee, Ph.D.

Her personal reasons for wanting to continue the legacy began with the tragedy of the Challenger. Her husband, Francis "Dick" Scobee, and colleagues, Michael Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnick, Gregory Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe, gave their lives aboard Challenger. June Scobee, wanting to help continue their mission, founded Challenger Center for Space Science Education, along with the families of the other astronauts and with well known public, political and corporate supporters.

Knowing that space helps children learn to read, to do math and to excite their imagination, Dr. Scobee continues her outreach by devoting her time and effort to the development of Challenger Centers throughout the United States. She knows that the pursuit of space exploration will benefit all humanity. She strives to ensure a vital partnership between space and education by equipping teachers and students with new tools to advance science and technology in the classroom. Further, Dr. Scobee works to promote education partnerships among schools, museums and private industries, and more, to teach our children the critical role space plays in their lives and remind them that all that can be imagined can be achieved.

A lifelong educator, Dr. June Scobee continues her personal and professional mission to teach, to fly, to explore.

In our dedication to acknowledge and honor human contributions, Women's International Center is privileged to present June Scobee with the Living Legacy Award.

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