Joy and George Glenner

The victims of Alzheimer's Disease are robbed of their dignity and their memory; their families are robbed of their loved ones. Alzheimer's Disease is a criminal assault against millions. Fortunately, medical police officers are hot on the trail of this henious criminal...enter, Joy and George Glenner.

Both have experienced the loss of loved ones to Alzheimer's Disease, so they know the encompassing devastation of this debilitating disease, and both are devoted to finding the cause and cure. Dr. George Glenner is tracking down the cause; Joy Glenner is gathering evidence to bring solace to the victims. Together they are saving lives.

A Professor and globally known research pathologist at UCSD School of Medicine, Dr. Glenner has made breakthrough discoveries which serve as the foundations and catalysts for all future Alzheimer's Disease research. In 1981, he established the world's first brain tissue bank to aid researchers work toward a definitive diagnosis of the killer disease.

Wanting to expand their involvement with helping the victims, Joy and George Glenner co-founded Alzheimer's Family Center in 1982. Today, led by the vision and commitment of Joy Glenner, there are five locations throughout San Diego County.

These Centers provide respite, counseling and training for family care givers...who are as much victims as the patients of Alzheimer's. The Centers' program is so innovative that it has become a national model day care program. The Family Centers' training programs are sanctioned by the State of California, and has resulted in the Glenners receiving a Presidential Commendation from President Ronald Reagan, in 1988.

George and Joy Glenner are consummate friends to thousands, they are devoted to saving individuals and families. Women's International Center proudly presents our first International Samaritan Award to Dr. George and Mrs. Joy Glenner.

Dr. Glenner suffered from a rare form of Amyloidoses and fell victim to this devastating disease in 1995. The legacy of his research and the active outreach of the Family Centers lives on. Joy Glenner continues the work of the Centers to help others.

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