Pauline Frederick Robbins

'Opening The Doors For Thousands'

For 21 years, Pauline Frederick Robbins, was the "Voice of the United Nations" and correspondent for NBC; earlier she covered the UN. for ABC, later becoming the foreign affairs commentator for National Public Radio. In 1939, she made her first network broadcast; in 1945 she made her first overseas broadcast from China and in 1948, she completed her first network television broadcast from the national Political Conventions in 1948.

Pauline Frederick Robbins has been the first on many occasions: She became the first woman to moderate a Presidential debate; the first woman to be awarded the Paul White Award for her contributions to broadcast journalism and the first woman to receive the Peabody and the DuPont Awards for news broadcasting. She was the first woman to be elected President of the UN. Correspondents Association.

She has been honored as one of the "Ten Most Admired Women". She has received honorary doctorates from 23 colleges and universities.

Pauline Frederick Robbins opened the doors in many ways for women in journalism. In books dealing with the history of journalism, Pauline Frederick Robbins's name is always noted as the premiere individual who made it possible for women to be taken seriously as news broadcasters. She has been and continues to be the heroine of women and men who are dedicated to accurate and powerful journalism.

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