Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Teacher of Life

A true international citizen, Dr. Kubler-Ross holds joint citizenship in the U.S. and Switzerland. After earning her medical degree at the University of Switzerland in 1957, she continued her studies in New York, completing her degree in psychiatry at the University of Colorado in 1963.

After years of study and research, the publication of her first book "On Death and Dying" in 1969 immediately raised the awareness of the world. Dr. Kubler-Ross has published nine books dealing with the natural phenomenon of dying.

Holding positions as a lecturer, instructor, director of medical facilities has prepared her for her expert status.

Kubler-Ross has been awarded over twenty-five honorary doctorates from major universities. She received the Modern Samaritan Award and the Ideal Citizen Award.

Dr. Kubler-Ross founded and presently directs Shanti Nilaya in Escondido, California. In her wisdom she is teaching us about dealing with the next passage of life. Her life and thoughts are controversial. Her impact is and always will be felt.

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