Helen Caldicott

Peace is Her Passion

Physician, humanist, empassioned advocate for nuclear disarmament and a true woman of peace is Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr. Helen Caldicott.

Helen Caldicott is recognized in every corner of the globe as the most visible advocate for peace in the world. Her awards, acknowledgments and citations fill pages - just to name a few: Peace Medal Award (United Nations Association of Australia), which she shared with her husband, William Caldicott, who is equally dedicated to the mission for world peace; Integrity Award (John-Roger Foundation), which she shared with Bishop Desmond TuTu; Peace Award (American Association of University Women); SANE Peace Award; Ghandi Peace Prize... and the list goes on.

Dr. Caldicott has written books (Nuclear Madness.- What You Can Do and Missile Envy), developed dozens of video tapes and films, written scores of articles which have appeared in nearly every major newspaper and magazine; spoken at major universities throughout the world and has met with heads of state everywhere.

She founded and headed Physicians For Social Responsibility and Women's Action For Nuclear Disarmament (WAND).

In association with physicians and scientists, Dr. Caldicott and Bill Caldicott played a major role to educate the people of New Zealand and Australia about the vast dangers to health of nuclear production and development.

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