Beatrice Wood


Potter, ceramist, artist, photographer, a lover of life and art barely sketches the life of famous and recognized contributor, Beatrice Wood.

The artist was declared a California Treasure 1984. Her ceramics are in the Smithsonian Metropolitan Museum in New York and other international museums. She is the writer of the autobiography, I Shock Myself (Peace Press, 1986). Beatrice Wood's ceramics and potter are respected and loved throughout the world. She is renowned for her rare and beautiful luster glazes and her often blithe and humorous depiction of women and men in varied situations.

Historians of modern art may recall her name in association with the New York Dada Movement, and her close connection with artist, Marcel DuChamp (Nude Descending The Staircase) and author, Henri-Pierre Roche (Jules and Jim). However, today, Beatrice Wood is an artistic force, a movement, in her own right.

Living in Ojai, she does the work she loves, brilliantly and with passion. Constantly, work comes out of her kiln. She is always challenging new ideas as to how clay and lusters can be used.

Beatrice Wood works everyday at her art. She is prolific, imaginative, and always seeks new and different art forms to express her profound feelings for the joy of life and living. Her expansive and extraordinary works seem to symbolize and realize the mind of the artist. She creates magic.

Women's International Center is very proud to acknowledge and honor Beatrice Wood with the 1989 Living Legacy Award, for her great and lasting contributions to humanity--today and forever.


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