Alice Zukor

Daring to be Different

Whenever one goes to a charity or civic fund raising function in San Diego, Alice Zukor is there, or at least her magnificent floral arrangements arc beautifully evident at the party. The flowers are usually donations from Alice to the charitable groups. In fact, most long time San Diego residents and ongoing civic contributors know Alice or, at least, know who she is.

An internationally acclaimed floral designer, Alice is the owner of Broadway Florist, a downtown San Diego institution for over forty years.

Her business is located in the heart of the homeless area and their plight does not go unnoticed by the openhearted Alice Zukor. She works with the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Salvation Army, and the YMCA.

She has served as member of the board and/or a tireless volunteer with philanthropic organizations, spanning such interests as the Aseltine Home of Guiding Hands, the Girls Club of San Diego and Senior Adult Services. She founded the San Diego Downtown Association. Her heart, hands and kitchen are always open for those in need.

Alice Zukor's humanitarian efforts span the world. She has received the Key to the City from Leon, Mexico. She has received awards, flags and enormous appreciation for her humanitarian efforts from the mayors of the City of Lisbon, Portugal and Madrid, Spain. San Diego Business and Professional Women's Clubs acknowledged her for her "Outstanding International Achievements" and outstanding efforts to strengthen goodwill between nations.

In 1992, dear Alice had triple by-pass heart surgery. No one, except Alice, expected her to ever work again, much less live. She was up and working within two weeks. When it was suggested that she might slow down, Alice resounding reply was, "We can't relax now. There is so much to do. So many in need. The fight to help must go on".

Alice Zukor's humanitarian contributions for over forty years are tireless 'hands on', as well as financial. Her dedication to people in need and her community as a whole, would alone make her worthy of recognition. Her dedication to the people of the world makes her extraordinary.

Dear Alice, your Living Legacy comes in many forms: Courage, Kindness and your Living Art. We honor your commitment and thank you for your friendship.* You truly are an 11 th Woman. You 'did it' your way.

* Alice Zukor has ensured the grandeur of the Living Legacy Awards for five years, with her magnificent floral designs.

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