Dame Judith Anderson

Greatness Through Drama

Known throughout the world as T he Great Classic Actress, Dame Judith Anderson has astounded audiences everywhere. Her portrayal of Medea is legendary.

A native of Adelaide, Australia, Judith Anderson came to America in 1918 to appear on the New York stage. Her early triumphs include Macbeth, Dear Brutus, Strange Interlude and Hamlet.

In 1933, she made her first film, Bloody Money. In 1940, her stunning performance in Rebecca won her an Academy Award nomination. Her portrayal of Lady Macbeth won her an Emmy. Many still remember her dramatic and powerful role as Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She has won countless awards and rave reviews over the decades.

Judith Anderson became Dame Judith Anderson in 1960, when she was knighted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

Currently, Dame Judith appears on the NBC serial Santa Barbara, where she plays the feisty Minx Lockridge. Throughout her career, Dame Judith has generously contributed her time and talent in coaching young actors and actresses, helping them achieve their dreams.

Her magnificent talents will be with us always.

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