Antoinette Fouque

Greatness Through Equality

Literary professor and critic, publisher and world-renowned advocate of equality, Antoinette Fouque is responsible for founding the Movement de Liberation des Femmes in France. It is the first such movement in Europe, gathering thousands of supporters in its first few months and becoming the motivating force of women's ideological, social and political struggles in France over the last 18 years. It has been responsible for many victories including the mass arrival of women in the work force and denunciation of rape as a crime, but Is best known for its assertion of the existence and wealth of women as individuals.

As leader of this movement, Antoinette Fouque gave her time and effort to enable women to live freely. At the same time, she founded a group called Psychoanalyse et Politique, to study why women are strong and what impedes their accomplishments. She has organized international conferences attended by as many as 12,000 participants from all continents. Publisher and managing editor of many successful international magazines, she established a publishing house internationally known for books written by women.

Antoinette Fouque is a powerful force throughout the world, working tirelessly for the equality of women and men.

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