Kathryn Marie Arger Gang

French Teacher
State Mentor Teacher
Department Chair
Curriculum Developer
Researcher/Developer of Intelligent Tutoring Software

Kathryn Marie Arger Gang was the first female pilot ever licensed in the West Point Flying Club at the United States Military Academy, and has flown her own plane for many years. She took part in numerous focus groups at West Point, formed to support the admission of female cadets to the Academy. She holds a deep water diver’s license, was an avid downhill skier, and presently runs five miles per day.
She earned her MA in Human Resources and Organizational Development at the University of San Francisco, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Marylhurst College for Women in Portland, OR. In addition, Kathryn has a Diplome from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) in French Language Studies.

Kathryn has celebrated a 30-year career as a secondary school educator, teaching in Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, New York, California, and at the International School in Bangkok, Thailand, where she was honored as a luncheon guest of the King and Queen of Thailand. She holds a lifetime teaching credential in California, and was Chairperson of the largest secondary school language department in the state (Independence High, San Jose). Her teaching career included Advanced Placement French, English and Psychology. She was also State Mentor Teacher for both gifted and talented students and for those at risk. Employing her organizational development skills, Kathryn was instrumental in designing and developing an alternative high school for other than mainstream students. She retired as Marketing and Sales Director for educational knowledge-based software applications at Research Development Corporation in Herndon, VA. Kathryn and Bill, her husband of 42 years, now reside happily in California.