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There is one common thread which is woven throughout the earliest traditions of American Indian Culture and that is the sacredness of Woman. She is known variously as Changing Woman, Spider woman, Grandmother Spider Woman, Corn Woman, Earth Woman and Thought Woman. With her thoughts she began and finished all on this earth and beyond.

This female spirit of intelligence ranges from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, covering the wooded areas, the vast plains, the deep twisting canyons, the sweeping desert, flows with all of the rivers and streams and resides in the stillness of all waters.

She is the creatrix from which all thought and energy and matter becomes. It is She to which all thought, matter and energy return. It is She who is most highly regarded and nothing is pure, true and beautiful without Her blessing. She is the beginning and the end as represented in the continuous circle of the full moon, traveling to the dark only to emerge again.



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