(So. Arabia Sabaran - 950 BC)

Return to Sheba

Before the approaching desert storm, the Queen of Sheba stands thoughtfully, reflecting on her visit with King Solomon. she must realize that, indeed, the end of the era for reigning matriarchy, in the Middle East, certainly her own queendom is in its last dim shadow of the sands and the gifts of Solomon are but hollow coins.

Although received royally as an equal and with respect by King Solomon, it is stated that when she viewed the splendor of Solomon's court and acknowledged his wisdom, the spirit left her.

Little is known of the Queen of Sheba, not even her name, other than she traveled a vast distance form her country, generally believed to have been Saba located in South West Arabia; however, the vast mines of the area were located far to the north.

Her route to Jerusalem is not known. Possibly she traveled by land up the eastern coast of the Red Sea, or crossed the sea and traveled through Ethiopia and Egypt (some legends associate her with these two countries), or perhaps she sailed the greater distance on the Red Sea. However she traveled, it was with an enormous caravan for she brought a fortune in gifts for Solomon -- 120 talents of gold ($4,000,000.00), precious gems and many exotic and rare spices.

One must ask ones self why she determined to take this pilgrimage. The magnificence of Solomon's wealth, wisdom and power was well established. It seems reasonable that the Queen, allowing for her curiosity in Solomon himself, felt it expeditious to form a bond of friendship between the two kingdoms in order to protect her country from invasion.

After such a long journey, the Queen must have spent enough time querying Solomon of the riddles so prevalent of the period, analyzing his wisdom and surveying the opulence of his court that she soon gained an insight to her own vulnerability. Perhaps with this intuition the spirit left her.

Upon her departure, as was the custom, Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. What held the greatest worth, her insight or Solomon's hollow gifts? Are those her thoughts?


1. Angels - Two Revel angels, Samahazai and Anazel betrayed the secrets of heaven to Solomon. This wisdom was given to Solomon; the understanding to the Queen of Sheba.

2. Sand Storm - The rolling sands will soon drift across the desert burying the Queen's secrets.

3. Gold and Jewels - The gifts of Solomon have no use.

4. Stars - The star symbolized the spirit -- the falling star symbolized the spirit leaving the Queen.

5. Moon - The waning crescent symbolizes decline of the Queen's power.

6. Sheba - Saba -- ancient kingdom in S.W. Arabia -- flourished 950-115 BC.

Incidently, although there are many legends and fables from Arabia, Ethiopia and Egypt, this account deals with Jewish history. See I Kings 10:1-13; II Chronicles 9:1-12, Old Testament, Bible



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