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Helen - The Puppet of the Gods

Although she had few spoken lines, Helen, the most beautiful mortal on earth was frequently manipulated on the comedic and tragic stage of Greek mythology.

Daughter of the mortal Leda and fathered by Zeus, Helen was used by the gods allowing her no choice in any of the events: therefore, she is painted as a puppet of the gods.

At the age of ten, Helen was kidnapped by Thesus, however, the Dioscuri brought her back to her father who later chose Menelaus from numerous suitors to be his daughters husband. With the aid of Aphrodite, Paris carried Helen to Troy causing the ten year struggle for the walls of Troy. After the fall of Troy, Menelaus reclaimed Helen, stating (to save his self-esteem), that Helen had actually spent the ten year period faithfully in Egypt.


1. The Golden Apple of Discord - Zeus called upon Paris (son of King Priam of Troy) to award the golden apple to the most beautiful from among the Goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. He chose Aphrodite who rewarded him with the most beautiful woman on earth, Helen, the wife of Menelaus.

2. Kylex - Contains a drug to wipe out all memories of past evils.

3. Dove - An emblem of Aphrodite.

4. Broken columns and flames - The destruction of Troy.

5. Trojan Horse - Symbol of Greek victory.

6. Pyramids and obelisk - Symbols of Egypt.

7. Swan - Form Zeus took to seduce Helen's mother Leda.

8. Magic girdle of Aphrodite - Endowed with the power to enslave the hearts of both gods and men.

9. Golden-chains - Manipulation and control -- broken chains -- freedom.

10. Sea Anemone - Resembles flower it is equipped with paralyzing barbs. Flower anemone means forsaken.

11. Lilies - Purity -- the white lily is the feminine principle.

12. Sea - In this instance it represents the sea of life which all must cross.

13. Moon - Feminine principal; full moon -- awakening and illumination of the soul.



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