(American - 1830-1884)

Where Have All the Muses Gone?

Born December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, Emily Dickinson lived a quiet, contemplative life -- one of paradox and personally clouded with secrecy -- yet her work has placed her among the worlds greatest poets.

Where have all the Muses Gone

they've gone to Las Vegas

Where have all the Gardens Gone

Plastic plants produce them now

Where have all the Poets Gone

Gone to live inside their souls

A longtime ago

With Muses and Gardens

In a house with no doors.


1. Full blown rose placed over two buds - Secrecy.
"A secret told -- ceases to be a secret-"

2. Violets - Hidden virtue and beauty.
"She doth her Purple work-"

3. Lily - Purity.
"Through the dark sod -- as Education -- the Lily passes sure-"

4. Iris - Feminine messenger; power of light, hope.
"Hope is the thing with feathers -- that perches in the soul-"

5. Moon - Feminine power, the Goddess, cycles -- spiritual aspect of light in darkness.
"When crescent -- thou art worn-"

6. Stars - Presence of a divinity; five points -- aspiration.
"Why didn't we detain them-"

7. Bee - Birds of the Muses, immortality, industry, carry news to the spirit world.
"Apology for Her -- Be rendered by the Bee-"

8. Dove - Peace, accompanies the Goddess, prophecy.
"Once more, my now bewildered Dove-"

9. Book - Turning pages represent the paths of ones life.
"I think I was enchanted -- when first a sombre girl-"

10. Candle - Light in the darkness of life.
"How long at that celestial wick -- the Angels labored diligent-"

11. Flame - The unseen energy in existence.
"One requisite has Fire -- that lasts -- Prometheus never knew-"


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