(Navajo Legend)

Changing Woman, sometimes called Estsanatlehi (Es-tan-aht'-lu-hee), is a beneficent, ever beautiful female deity of the Native American culture of the Southwest. She represents the various stages of life and changes at will from a young child, a fertile woman to an ancient sage. The same aspects of this trinity are found in various cultures relating to the Earth Mother and the Goddess.

Utilizing beauty, balance and harmony, Changing Woman dances gracefully through endless stages of life -- all connected and all renewing.


1. Hummingbird feather - Protection of guardian spirits. Sacred.

2. White bands and butterfly - Pure spirit and rebirth.

3. Crystals - Contains the soul.

4. Bird - Symbolizes the celestial journey.

5. Four sacred quarters - Sacred Native American number is four, and indicates the four cardinal directions of space, the totality of the Great Spirit.

6. Bear claw - Supernatural powers, strength and fortitude.

7. Feathers - Symbolizes truth which must rise. Soul.

8. Power lines - Life energy force.

9. Spiral - A vortex. Signifies continuity and the revolving heavens; the wandering of the soul to seek it's center; the end of migration; the center -- the home. As a whirlwind it symbolizes the manifestation of energy in nature.

10. Datura Inoxia - Sacred plant of the vision seeking.

11. Plumed serpent - Lightning, rain.

12. Serpent - Renewal, shedding of skin, rebirth.

13. Three phases of the moon - Changing Woman's symbol -- waxing, full and waning.

14. Stars - Souls departed.

15. Spruce - The tree of life; symbol of the Great Mother.



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