(Celtic, Mythic Ireland)


1. Column of fire - Brigid's symbol.

2. The oak - Her sacred tree.

3. Three concentric circles - Her Trinity symbol throughout Celtic Ireland.

4. The serpent, wreathed around her head - Fertility designed to divert evil.

5. Two crescents back to back - Immortality.

6. Mistletoe - Celtic Druids used for fertility rights, also, "I surmount difficulties."

7. The sun - Brigid's feminine power.

8. Crescent moon - Female symbol, always.

9. Nine branches - Eight directions of the world with the center ninth. Nine is significant to the triple Celtic Goddess (thrice three).

10. Nine white stones - Nine virgins attendant on Brigid.

11. Swans with gold or silver chains - Supernatural appearance of divinities, solar and beneficent.

12. Brigid holds rush cross - Four quarters of the year.

13. Water - Access to the other world of foreknowledge.

14. The moon symbol behind the tree - First later Christian cross, entwined snakes.

15. Mist - Initiation, soul pass from confusion to illumination.

16. Brigh Brigaid holds the Scale of Justice - Weighing the sun and moon.

17. St. Brigid holds the Celtic Christian cross.

18. Some texts call Brigid "Bride" or "Brigit."


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