(Mythic - Greek)

She Who Has Led, Shall Lead

Athena is the beautiful and stately Greek Goddess of wisdom. She emerged from the head of Zeus wearing full armor and carrying a spear.

Athena became the protectress of Athens by offering the olive tree as her gift. She is also the patron of heroic men, cities, weavers, goldsmiths, potters, horsemen and all rational knowledge, nobel reasoning, logic and wisdom. Throughout mythology she was the fierce protector of her father, Zeus.


1. Gold aegis on breast - In the center of the horrifying head of the Gorgons.

2. Olive-branches - Athena's gift to the citizens of Athens.

3. Golden shield - Gift of Perseus (he used this shield to protect his eyes while severing the head of Medusa).

4. Owl - Athena's symbol of wisdom.

5. Dove - Winged Victory - Goddess symbol.

6. Aura - Light or golden yellow -- intellect and intuition.
Violet - Intelligence and knowledge.
Purple - Royalty Gold -- Divine power.
Silver - Moon, feminine principle.
Cold blue (light) - Intellect, truth.
Green - Blue and yellow combined -- mystic color of the combination of heaven and earth.
White robe - Purity, chastity, triumph of spirit over flesh.

7.Sun - Highest value -- Radiance, glory, independence.



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