(Mythic - Greek)

Artemis Returns

Artemis is a virgin Goddess of all nature, wildlife, lakes, rivers, woods, childbirth and healing. She was the daughter of Leto and Zeus and twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is associated with Selene and Hecate as a Triad of Goddesses representing the three phases of the moon.

In modern times Artemis remains an important concept known primarily as the protector of women. What if she returned and walked the earth as it is today? She stands with her head averted, unable to view the ruins of war and the steady approach of impending destruction.


1. Her dropped arrow - Represents the prevention of the consequences of an arrow in flight which cannot be recalled or revoked. This can also represent reflection, consideration, thought and good judgment.

2. Her bow - Is pointing in the direction of hope. The bow has both masculine and feminine aspects. Masculine as a dispatched arrow; feminine as the crescent moon.

3. Bows, arrows and hounds - Identify her with pursuit, quick to protect the disadvantaged and give immediate retribution.

4. Clouds - Represent the life-force protection as a cover for all living things.

5. Moon and stars - Above her head represent Artemis' personal symbols.

6. Ruins - Seen in black and white representing newsreels, newsprint and the dark side of the moon.

7. Three pillars - Represent the triple Great Goddess and phases of the moon.

8. Stone - The bones of Mother Earth.

9. Broken stones - Signifies death.

10. Flame - Purification, transformation, unseen energy in existence; a flame leaves the body at death.

11. Smoke - A column of smoke ascending from the roof is an axis mundi, the path of escape from time and space into the eternal unconfined.

12. Dove - Here as a symbol of peace in its aspect of death.

13. Deer - Sacred to Artemis.

14. Hounds - Fidelity, watchfulness; accompanies all huntresses.

15. Blue sky - Seen through the window represents hope.



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