(Mythic - Greek)

Born of the foam of the sea (debris of the slain Uranus) Aphrodite was a Goddess of fertility and love in its noblest aspect embracing all nature. Later, in some legends the true nature of Aphrodite became degraded or confused with her original nature.

Here Aphrodite is represented, unlike the Capitoline Aphrodite and Medici Venus who are portrayed in a position of self-consciousness and modesty; nor as vulnerable as the Knidian Aphrodite, but aware of and comfortable with her astounding beauty. She is protected by the conch shell, the womb of her birth and is offering the supreme gift -- her girdle.


1. Sea-foam - Symbolic of the astral-mental nature (a combination of water, astral and air, mental).

2. Conch shell - Feminine symbol.
a.Shadow symbol behind Aphrodite's head (the emerging double axe) is that of later Goddesses and Amazons who had to defend their cultures against the increasingly patriarchal societies.
b.Lozenge symbol on shell - an ancient feminine symbol.

3. Magic girdle - Symbolic of Aphrodite and endowed with power to enslave in love all who gazed upon the wearer.
a.In early mythology, evolution began through the birth of simple natural desires.

4. Golden net of Hephaestus - Net used by Hephaestus to trap Aphrodite with Ares (according to Homeric legend, Aphrodite brought this net with her as she emerged from the sea).

5. Laurel - Held in Aphrodite's hand is symbolic of triumph, victory, truce, peace, eternity and immortality.

6. Vervain wreath - Attributed to Aphrodite/Venus, symbolizes marriage; protects against spells and enchantments.

7. Morning and evening star - Aphrodite can be either solar or lunar. Also, morning and evening star represent the opposites.

8. Crescent moon - Goddess symbol.

9. Sun - Early Goddess symbol.

10. White rose - Aphrodite's flower.

11. Doves - Associated with Goddesses.

12. Five - Five white roses, five doves. Five is the symbolic number of Aphrodite/Venue representing perfection of the five senses, the nuptial number of love and union, Venus years being completed in groups of five.


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