Catherine Filene Shouse

The late Catherine Filene Shouse is a Renaissance woman. For 80+ years, she has diligently sought truth and beauty for humanity, and worked for the education and equality of all people, especially women. She is a visionary, an innovator, an activist, an author, a presidential advisor, a philanthropist, a humanitarian, and a friend to thousands.

She was the first woman to receive a M. Ed. degree from Harvard University, and the first woman appointed Chairman of a Federal Women's Prison for the Rehabilitation and Education of women. Her appointment was made by President Calvin Coolidge.

That's right...Calvin Coolidge!

Catherine Shouse was appointed to official commissions for women's rights by Presidents John Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan and has received medals and accolades from leaders throughout the world for her humanitarian work for children.

In 1968, Catherine Shouse established her beloved Wolf Trap Foundation, as a place where "young people with talent could be heard, seen, and taught the demands of a professional career in the arts." Wolf Trap is now a world renowned center, and a training ground for some of the greatest operatic talent in the world. Beverly Sills and Placido Domingo, among other greats, share their time and talent to help train young artists.

Women's International Center is privileged to present a Living Legacy Award to this woman of compassion who serves as a role model for every individual who loves our precious world...Catherine Filene Shouse.




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