Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Who teaches our leaders how to lead?

Who nurtures and stimulates young minds to be great and giving individuals? Only men and women of real vision and courage can inspire that kind of determination.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was truly an inspiring woman. What she gave to this country is immeasurable. As a mother she nurtured, stimulated and challenged nine children -among them our 35th President, John F. Kennedy, and two U.S. Senators, Robert F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy. Public service is an honored tradition in the Kennedy family.

Mrs. Kennedy's daughters Eunice, Patricia and Jean actively contribute to the world around them, making a difference and teaching their children to do the same.

With the death of her oldest son, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., in World War II, her daughter Kathleen, a beloved and creative woman, and later the assassinations of John and Robert; Mrs. Kennedy endured and successfully emerged from tragedy that disregards financial or social standing. The special needs of Rosemary required resources of strength and understanding that most of us never face.

Through all the years and generations, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy worked to keep her family's unity and faith in God strong. She was able to watch and encourage the new generations of Kennedys.

Like Eleni Gatzoviannis, Rose Kennedy gave her life to her children. Thankfully Mrs. Kennedy was able to share her childrens' great successes. We in turn benefited from theirs.

Mrs. Kennedy, we honored you for your strength, for your faith, for your sacrifices and for your dedication to motherhood. By giving so much to your children you have given to all of us.

The Tribute to Motherhood Award was presented to Mrs. Kennedy through her son, Senator Edward Kennedy in April, 1990, at her 100th birthday party.

* Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy died at 105, in 1995. Her legacy will last for generations to come. At the 1995 celebration of women, we acknowledged Rose Kennedy's enduring gifts to our world.

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