Pearl Bailey

A Jewel With A Hear

Pearl Bailey signs her autograph, "All Love, Pearl". - -and she means it. This rare treasure has a heart as big as the world.

If there is a benefit for children, Pearl is supporting it. If one cares about other's liberty and rights, Pearl is there, standing tall and advocating that the ethical and fair thing be done. If AIDS is the issue, Pearl rolls up her sleeves and wades right in to see that the humane thing be done. In other words, Pearl loves people... all kinds of people, any age, any race, any nationality, any philosophy. To her, people are people.

Many know Pearl Bailey as a consummate entertainer, and that is true. Since she was a young girl, she has been singing, performing, entertaining, innovating, captivating her audience throughout the world. She has performed in all mediums, from night clubs to the stage on Broadway to movies to television. She has appeared in such hits as "Variety Girl", "Isn't It Romantic", "Carmen Jones", "That Certain Feeling", "St. Louis Blues", and "Porgy and Bess". She has received the theater's highest honor, the Tony Award.

And as magnificent as she is as an entertainer, Pearl Bailey's personal commitment to helping others is greater. She is the United States Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations (and she takes her job very seriously). Recently, she spoke to the World Health Organization about the importance of world cooperation and concern about AIDS victims. She is working with Barbara Bush on her nationwide literacy campaign. She speaks to young people throughout the nation about commitment and contribution. She works for child abuse prevention and family cohesiveness.

The Living Legacy Award acknowledges and honors human contribution. Pearl Bailey genuinely deserves this recognition, for she cares about people with all her heart-and she does something positive about her concerns.

It is with great pride that Women's International Center presents the Living Legacy Award to Miss Pearl Bailey, March 11, 1989.


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